In a pre-apocalyptic world . . .


M. A. Dennis is a post-Harlem Renassaince writer, poet, actor, and classically-trained journalist who graduated from St. John's University. (Although he's yet to repay his student loans, he can be trusted not to default on paying back any money you loan him.)


M. A. Dennis is considered to be one of the most versatile performers on the spoken word scene, hence the acronym "Many Attitudes of Dennis." His style is the love child of poetry and prose; it's a hybrid mixture of creative writing with hip-hop sensibilities, personal narrative, social commentary, pop culture, satire, spiritual philosophy, haiku, and a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Dennis' Many Attitudes are diverse; their subject matter runs the gamut--from fast food addiction to male lesbianism.


M.A. Dennis, a member of the National Writers Union, has many accomplishments which include: having his work published by The New York Times, performing at the world famous Apollo Theater, being a Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist, and fathering triplets (one girl, two boys). And while M. A. Dennis may have his own personal trinity, he follows a secular faith: "Words are my religion," Dennis says, "and the Open Mic is where I pay my tithes."



Many Accomplishments of Dennis


*   Principal Actor (role of Wallace) in Web Series Film "The Ward" 

    featuring Emmy-Nominated Actress, Victoria Rowell


*   Mid-Island Y JCC 2017 Poetry Contest Winner, for poem "Don't Cry For Me"

    (Judge: Gayl Teller, Nassau County Poet Laureate & Walt Whitman Birthplace Poet of the Year)


*   Published in The New York Times' book, New York City Haiku (2017 edition)


*   Formerly known as MAD (Many Attitudes of Dennis), International Spoken Word Recording Artist

   - Performed at World Famous Apollo Theater

   - Def Poetry Jam Radio Champion

   - Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist

   - Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist

   - Former coach and member of Brooklyn National Poetry Slam team

   - Word Up! Poetry Festival Haiku Slam Champion

   - Hottest Poets Erotic Poetry Slam Champion

   - Independently released four full-length urban spoken word mixtapes

   - Winner (Poem: "Figure 4 Haiku Lock") of Rolling Out Magazine National "Poet-Tree" Contest 


*   Fortune Society Writers Workshop (Led by Erika Munk, Village Voice editor & reknown theater critic)

   - Voices of Fortune, Editor (2013-2015)

   - Wrote and starred in short film "Help Wanted" 


*   St. John's University classically-trained journalist, who was taught that "I" was a dirty word.

    Career highlights: interviewing actors Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett, director Spike Lee,

    and Dr. Betty Shabazz (widow of Malcolm X); feature article: on the road with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.


    Served as reporter, editorial assistant, and on-campus distributor at St. John's Today, the university's

    official newspaper. 


*   Advocate for Homeless Individuals with Mental Health Issues.

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